No matter what type of construction project you’re working on, if you don’t put the time and effort into site development, the project will never take off. In order to have a safe, structurally sound and legal construction site, site development is a crucial element.

Clear the Site

To clear the site is the first step in site development. Those who specialize in the type of site development Pittsburgh PA residents can count on will remove trees, buildings, and any remaining infrastructure in preparation for the project.

Survey the Site

Surveyors helpline out where to build the structure. When it comes to the zoning and permitting process, this is an important step. In most cases, you won’t be able to get the proper permits without a survey.

Test the Soil

Soil testing is one of the most crucial components. If you don’t know the composition of the soil, then you won’t know if it has the ability to withstand the structures. Serious hazards can arise if you don’t soil test. Likewise, it has to be able to absorb water or you’ll have serious flooding problems. Some soil isn’t suitable for construction so developers have to complete this test.

Plan Design

Once the contractor installs the drainage and septic tanks, it’s up to the designer to modify the design for the sake of these tanks. There can be no further development until there is a site design in place. Construction designs change and should continue to change throughout the process.

Investigate Site

One of the last steps in site development is to investigate the site. A geotechnical investigation provides you with a characterization of the rock, soil, and groundwater. In this process, the site developer gathers information to ensure that the contractors can lay the foundation.

In the construction process, site development is a crucial component. Without it, there is no way of telling whether a building will be able to stand on the site. No project moves forward without site development first.

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