You Can Revitalize Your Neighborhood

An aging neighborhood can easily fall into disrepair and begin to struggle economically. Fortunately, cities are beginning to recognize that these communities can return to their former vibrancy with a little help. Many municipalities provide small business training and funding to community members.

The best community-based businesses meet a local need such as cleaning and laundry, transportation or food services. Elderly residents find these services especially valuable. Here are some ideas to get you started.

You Can Clean Things

Help with housecleaning and tidying up fulfills a vital need for busy mothers, business professionals, and elderly community members. Laundry services where clients can securely drop off and pick up items can serve many needs. Local commercial laundry companies can help you select the best commercial laundry equipment and local business development agencies can help you with funding.

You Can Move Things

Affordable pick-up and delivery services are a common need. …