ADA Compliance and Your Commercial Property

When you plan to make alterations to any of your commercial buildings, you must also bring your building into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Many property owners believe their buildings have been “grandfathered” into compliance because of age, but this isn’t the case. During property condition assessments, deficiencies in compliance may be found and, even if you aren’t considering alterations, you may need to bring your building in ADA compliance.

What Compliance Looks Like

Fortunately, correcting a non-compliance situation doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Take time to review accessibility guidelines and the standards set by the American National Standards Institute. For example, some specifics include

  • A rectangle of 30×48 inches giving access to the sink that allows for nine inches of vertical clearance at the base and 27 inches at knee-height.
  • Toilets must be positioned so that the center measures between 16 and 18 inches