Menacing Mice

Menacing Mice Seeing a mouse run along your floor usually isn’t what you want to see in your home. If possible, find out where the rodent got inside your home, blocking off the entrance before others can get inside. Set traps to try to catch the mouse or any others that might be lurking around. If traps don’t work, then a rodent exterminator Staten Island offers might be the best solution. You can be of assistance to the exterminator who comes to your home by following a few simple steps. Remove as much trash as possible from inside and around the exterior of your home. This will give the exterminator a better view of your home to determine if there are any small holes that have been made by rodents or if there are any that are already present that could be used as an entryway. Remove all food that is left on counters. Try to put foods that are in boxes that have been opened in storage containers so that rodents don’t smell the food. You can also keep items in the refrigerator so that rodents don’t know that the foods are in your home. Sometimes, rodents can chew through bags and boxes if they can smell what’s inside, which is why it’s important to seal as much as you can to keep the smell from reaching any rodents that are in your home. Don’t make the exterior of your home inviting to rodents. Standing water sources should be removed as well as trash cans that are close to your house. Any holes that you see around the exterior of your home or inside your house, especially under the sink or inside cabinets, should be closed off. Try to put items that are in cardboard boxes in plastic containers as rodents sometimes like to build nests in what they can easily find. When the exterminator is at your home, let the worker do the necessary work required to secure your property from rodents, paying attention to suggestions for the future.