fget is a function for getting an attribute value. fset is a function for setting an attribute value. fdel is a function for deleting an attribute worth. And doc creates a docstring for the attribute. IOException – if scripting this property listing to the required output stream throws an IOException.

Static strategies in Python are identical to these found in Java or C++. Moreover see classmethod() for a variant that’s helpful for creating alternate class constructors. For objects with custom __hash__() methods, observe that hash() truncates the return value based on the bit width of the host machine. See __hash__() for details.

The Properties class represents a persistent set of properties. In every other case, the listing comprises the article’s attributes’ names, the names of its class’s attributes, and recursively of the attributes of its class’s base programs. Changed in model three.4: object().__format__(format_spec) raises TypeError if format_spec is not an empty string.

Properties are processed in terms of traces.

For different containers see the constructed-in frozenset , checklist , tuple , and dict courses, in addition to the collections module. Whether or not or not output is buffered is usually determined by file, however when the flush key phrase argument is true, the stream is forcibly flushed.

The Properties class represents a persistent set of properties. Return true if the thing argument is an occasion of the classinfo argument, or of a (direct, indirect or virtual ) subclass thereof. If object isn’t an object of the given form, the function all the time returns false. If classinfo is a tuple of kind objects (or recursively, different such tuples), return true if object is an occasion of any of the varieties. If classinfo simply isn’t a type or tuple of types and such tuples, a TypeError exception is raised.

Compile the source right into a code or AST object.

If one positional argument is obtainable, it needs to be an iterable The most important item within the iterable is returned. If two or extra positional arguments are provided, a very powerful of the positional arguments is returned. After the entries have been written, the output stream is flushed. The output stream stays open after this methodology returns.

Remember that property tags should be utilized in doc comments for the issue that they are properties of, a namespace or a category for example. This tag is supposed for easy collections of static properties, it doesn’t permit you to current @examples or related complicated data for every property, just the kind, title and description.


If the iterable is empty and default is just not provided, a ValueError is raised. If it has any of the opposite licensed values, input traces are only terminated by the given string, and the road ending is returned to the caller untranslated. A class can management what this perform returns for its instances by defining a __repr__() method.

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