Everyone has an opinion about the best place to live. Some people want lush green areas and will put up with the rain that goes along with it. Some people love the four seasons and do not mind plowing the snow for a few months. Some people just want the sun and do not mind the intense heat of one or two months. For those who love the sun, the desert is where it is at. When it comes to desert living, Palm Springs, California is paradise.

Fun in the Sun

This paradise gets an incredible average of 269 days of sunshine a year. That allows for a lot of outside time. With low humidity, those hot days in the sun are not too bad. Think about all the golf time, swimming pool fun, hiking, and other outdoor activity time you can have.

Affordable Desert Living

California is not known for inexpensive housing; however, Palm Springs is relatively inexpensive for what you get. In Palm Springs, the median home cost is about eight percent lower than the California average. This and the lifestyle make moving to Palm Springs incredibly attractive. Even more so is the number of condos in the area. Palm Springs condos for sale make this outdoor lifestyle and having a pool easy.

Active and Casual Living

The heat and outdoor activities lend themselves to a more casual vibe not only around town, but also often in the workplace. Most people dress more casually to work and lead an active life. Neighborhoods, for the most part, are also very walkable and provide the opportunity to get to know your neighbors and enjoy the outdoors around your home.

Think about how much your life would change if you moved to this desert paradise. What are you waiting for? Palm Springs is calling your name.

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