Furniture removal and storage in Dublin

Sometimes in the process of moving you may need to avail of furniture storage services for a period of time. Many man with a van companies will remove and store furniture for an additional fee. If you choose a removal company that provides furniture storage solutions in Dublin, check out the premises before you agree to store with them. Some building will provide climate control storage crates or rooms and some storage facilities don’t.

If your furniture will be stored for more than a few weeks in a building without climate control, it is important to protect and wrap belongings so they will last longer and don’t deteriorate. For example, wooden furniture will dry out or become damp, fabrics will fade, and electrical items can stop working if left exposed to heat or cold for a period of time. If you have valuable antiques, paintings or musical instruments it is best to store them in temperature control storage facilities so that they don’t warp. Paints and materials may deteriorate when exposed to heat, cold or damp conditions. It is also advisable to cover up wooden furniture and upholstered furniture in plastic wrapping or shrink wrap to protect their condition.

Furniture removal is a popular service that many men with a van or delivery companies provide in Dublin. It is a much sought-after service as moving furniture can be time consuming and difficult. Most items of furniture will have to be lifted and carried by two removal helpers and also will need to be moved in a medium to large removal van.

If you are purchasing a new suite of furniture for your living room, it can be another job trying to find a way to dispose of your old suite.

Tips for getting rid of old furniture and appliances:

  1. Check if the items of furniture can be hauled away. Some companies will take away your old suite of furniture or appliances if you are purchasing new items from them. It could be a service that is offered for free or for a small charge. Ask before you purchase to see if this is a service the company offers or read the fine print in the terms and conditions of your purchasing agreement.
  2. List the suite of furniture or appliances online for free, even if it is in bad condition. There are a number of advertising websites where you can create a listing for free, and so many people would be happy to take it away for free. It is best to post your furniture removal advertisement about 2 days before you need it removed, so it can be taken away before your new delivery.  All you need to do is take a few photos of it and post it online, regardless of the condition the furniture could be ideal for a rented property of for someone starting out that can’t afford to pay for it.
  3. Bring the furniture or appliances to the dump – The local council will have details of what items can be brought to the landfill and the prices depending on the vehicle size.
  4. Contact large charity stores- most charities accept suites of furniture, working appliances, bric a brac etc. Some will charge a small fee to collect old belongings and many will collect the items for free. There are some items that charities don’t accept such as office furniture, generally it is items that don’t sell well.
  5. Another option is to try sell the items of furniture online or at a car boot sale. You may be tired of the old furniture, but it could be of value to someone else. There are a number of furniture restoration companies that could buy the items off you also which they will repurpose for sale.

Many people look for the services of a furniture removals company in Dublin to take away their old furniture especially larger items such as suites of furniture and appliances.

By law If you hire a professional man and van company, they need to have a waste collection permit license and be able to provide you with receipt of bringing your unwanted items to the dump. The man and van company should be able to show you their permit when you request it on the collection day.

Most people don’t realize it is illegal to hand over waste, furniture etc. to a man with a van that is not an authorized waste collector with a valid waste collection permit. There are heavy fines for the owner of the waste and the removal company if items are illegally dumped or disposed of. Anything you want disposed of is considered waste even if it could be repurposed or sold. Once you decide to have it dumped then it has to be done legally.

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